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Nano Rings
Nano Rings

Nano Rings are the smallest and the safest hair extensions application available on the market. They are 90% smaller than micro rings which make them almost undetectable

once they’re fitted.
​Specially designed hair extension strand is clamped tightly

inside silicone lined nano ring holding it securely

to the natural hair.

​Suitable for:

  • fine and medium density hair

  • short and long hair

  • wispy sides

  • extending fringe

Application last: 10-12 weeks

Nano Rings hair extensions in Liverpool

18" 140g Russian/Mongolian hair 

Mesh Perimeter
Mesh Perimeter

This revolutionary application allow transform your fragile hair dramatically without any damage. 

Using a perimeter of a breathable mesh which are hold by the micro rings

we can apply weft hair extensions and sewn them into the mesh

without causing any fraction to your hair.

This application is specially designed for women

who has very fine hair where other applications

are not suitable.

Suitable for:

  • very fine, wispy hair

  • short to medium length hair

  • cover bald patches (not the crown*)

Application last: 10-12 weeks

best hair extensions in Liverpool

16" 100g Remi Cachet hair extensions weft

*for the crown, please follow Hair Loss applications

LA Weave flat trak
LA Weave / Flat Track Weft

LA Weave and Flat Track are the most requested applications for weft hair extensions. 
It's a braidless sewn-in techniques using micro rings to create a track first.

Then the weft is sewn in into the rings. 

Both applications sits very flat and your hair can be tighten up

in a high ponytail.

Suitable for:

  • medium and thick density hair

  • medium and long length hair

Application last: 6-8  weeks

22inch Russian Mongolian hair extensions

22" 200g Russian/Mongolian hair

Micro Rings
Micro Rings

This application system is one of the oldest ones used by hair extensions specialists

around the globe.

The individual strands of hair extensions are clamped tightly

inside the silicone lined ring holding it securely to your natural hair,

without causing any damage.

Suitable for:

  • medium and thick density hair

  • medium and long length hair

Application last: 10-12 weeks

weft hair extensions and nano rings in Liverpool

16" 120g Russian/Mongolian hair

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